Pop-up lectures

Let learning take flight

In the last week of September international passengers at Schiphol will get the chance to pick up some learning on the go. As a special anniversary treat, researchers from the University of Amsterdam will be giving pop-up lectures in the airport's Transfer Hall.

  • Daily, 25 September - 29 September 2017
  • Schiphol, Transfer Hall for international Passengers
Daniel Rommens

25 September: Wayfinding at Schiphol Airport

‘How do I get to the transfer desk? And where can I get a cup of coffee around here? I want to take a look in the souvenir shop too. But first let’s check how long it’ll take us to walk to the gate. Which gate do we need anyway?’

At an airport you have to find your way through a highly complex environment, while you’re bombarded by information and stimuli from all sides. That’s where wayfinding design comes in. Which clever architectural and design elements are around to help you navigate this space as smoothly as possible?

(lecture by Petra Brouwer)

26 September: Unwritten etiquette

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In situations where there are no official rules, we create our own unwritten rules. Have you ever seen the way cyclists interact in Amsterdam? Cycling is the most popular means of transport in Amsterdam, with its narrow alleyways and large student population. Even Miffy in the souvenir store at Schiphol Airport has a bicycle. The behaviour of Amsterdam cyclists can seem chaotic and even reckless but thanks to the unwritten etiquette of cycling accidents are rare. Break these unwritten rules, however, and your fellow cyclists will be quick to shout a word of warning, as unwitting tourists often discover. How do you learn these hidden rules when you are new to a city?

(lecture by Gerben Moerman)

27 September: Travelling through space and time

To get here, you have crossed borders, oceans or even time zones. You are probably tired or exhausted after your trip. And yet, the distance and time you’ve travelled are nothing compared to the vast expanse of space and time in the Universe. Will we one day come to an airport and start our trip to another star or galaxy? Or will that possibility remain science fiction? Just how old and big is the Universe, and how do we know this?

(lecture by Ralph Wijers)

28 September: From Amsterdam to China

These days, the shortest route from Amsterdam to China is ‘as the plane flies’. But which one would you take if you were a 16th-century seafarer? Back then, the shortest route wasn’t always the fastest, let alone the safest, most comfortable or most profitable. Dutch traders, eager to get to China for the first time, set about gathering information. How did they decide which route to take? What were the ‘knowns’ and ‘unknowns’ of such a major voyage?

(lecture by Djoeke van Netten)

29 September: Dutch celebrities - Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Vermeer

Did you know that you can see original Dutch masterpieces at Schiphol Airport’s very own Rijksmuseum branch? Three of the most well-known Dutch Golden Age artists are Rembrandt, Hals and Vermeer. Their lives and work have been the subject of scholarly books, novels, television series, films, posters and coffee mugs. But how famous were these great artists in their own day? And for what reasons?

(lecture by Prof Frans Grijzenhout)

Gepubliceerd door  Universiteit van Amsterdam

29 september 2017