Global Migration: critical issue or grand illusion?

Tuesday, 14 November, 19:30-21:00

Images of people washed ashore, who did not survive the crossing, evoke great pity at first sight. However, when a new refugee centre is going to be opened around the corner, this often meets resistance among local residents. Paradoxes such as this raise many questions. Who are the migrants within Europe? And what do we learn from the current empirical data about the global migration waves? Do we really have so much to fear as a society or do we need to recognise that liberal economic markets desperately need migrants? Acclaimed expert in the migration domain, Prof. Ronald Skeldon, and UvA Challenger Prof. Darshan Vigneswaran will give a critical reflection on the causes and effects of migration during the second Challenging Society Session on 14 November from 19:30-21:00.

Within the theme ‘Global Migration’ of this ‘Challenging Society Session’ series, we will take a critical look at the causes and effects of migration and the consequences of choices in the policy to be pursued (liberal or dogmatic). What choices is the Netherlands making? How do we relate to other countries that are dealing with a migration wave? Join the discussion and sign up!

Impact of migrants in the world

Our keynote lecturer this evening is Prof. Ronald Skeldon. Skeldon is one of the greatest experts in this field of study, and renowned for his contributions in several UN committees. He is a Professorial Fellow in the Department of Geography at the School of Global Studies at the University of Sussex. Skeldon’s expertise is largely in the following research areas: the links between internal and international migration, skilled migration, circular migration, populations of East and Southeast Asia and the Andean region of South America. His latest research and publications have focused on circular migration, the impact of the financial crisis and migration and climate change. As a former migrant himself, he gives a greater understanding of the term migration and the significance of the impact of migrants on certain demographic changes in the world.

The UvA Challenger

Each evening the moderator will ask a UvA scientist to give a critical reflection on the lecture of our key note speaker and the theme itself from his or her expertise and viewpoints. We will soon announce who will join the discussion this evening

Which questions do you have?

Share critical questions with us that you would like to see answered during this evening. A team of students will collect these questions as the basis for propositions for the speakers and the audience. You can send your question directly when registering for this evening.

Register now for the ‘Global Migration’ session

On 14 November from 19:30, you are welcome in the Aula to participate in this unique evening, which is being organised as part of the series ‘Challenging Society Sessions’ in connection with the 385th anniversary of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). In addition to a keynote address from speaker Prof. Ronald Skeldon and a challenging discussion with UvA challenger (to be announced soon), we will offer an inspiring programme that may lead to new insights.


In-depth programming and special teaching modules

In addition to this Challenging Society Session, keynote speaker Prof. Ronald Skeldon will also hold an in-depth symposium for the research group Political Sociology: Power, Place and Difference. If you are part of the research group Political Sociology: Power, Place and Difference and would like to receive more information about the symposium, please contact Hein de Haas.  


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13 september 2017