Editorial Board

Challenging Society

The themes and programme of the Challenging Society Sessions were designed by the below Editorial Board.

The series ‘Challenging Society Sessions’ was created to start a critical reflection on what the consequences are of rapid technological innovations and changing concepts of knowledge, for the academic community and for society.

With the construction of each theme the members of the board have asked themselves if the theme can raise questions like, what kind of impact do current innovations or new concepts of knowledge have in the world? And, if almost anything is possible, do we as a society ask ourselves often enough in what kind of society we choose to live in?

The editorial board is proud to present you with a stunning list of key note speakers and UvA scientists who will together challenge the limits of the theme, and hopefully inspire generations.

Rector Magnificus Prof. Karen Maex (president of the board)

(in alphabetical order) 
Esther de Boer

Prof. Huub Dijstelbloem

Prof. Nico van Eijk

Prof. Hein de Haas

Prof. Cars Hommes

Dr Machiel Keestra

Dr Mirjam LeLoux

Prof. Patricia Pisters

Prof. Beate Roessler

Prof. Frank Vandenbroucke

Prof. Claes de Vreese

Lucy Wenting MA

Gepubliceerd door  Universiteit van Amsterdam

6 november 2017